Monday, March 15, 2010

Up next...

So, there they are over there -> the next Next Four. Should take me through the summer, I think.

#1 Christmas quilt for Danielle. Danielle is the next in line for the end of the line Christmas Gift quilt. She's Philip's sister, and the only daughter of my only sister, Sandra. She's already 16, her birthday was in January. I've put out some feelers with regard to colour preferences, but no one seems to want to tell me, sooo... It will be a pineapple quilt, I think, unless I hear back that she LOVES pink. If that's the case, it'll be a Tulip block, like this one. It's paper pieced, 'cause lord knows I love paper piecing, and a perfect scrappy pattern.

#2 Christmas quilt for Nic. Nic won't turn 16 until August, but that doesn't mean he won't get his quilt at the same time as Danielle - it's a Christmas thing, not a birthday thing. Nic is the 4th child, second son of my oldest brother John. Older sibs Shannon, Andrew and Amanda already have their quilts, there are 2 more sibs after Nic. His quilt will be something simpler than Danielle's - I'm thinking Sticks and Stones, which is nothing more than a 3 Rail Fence combined with a Nine Patch and plain blocks. The result is a slightly more complicated looking version of the... Warm Wishes? pattern. I think that's the one.

#3 Denim quilt. I've been holding on to old jeans now for a while in anticipation of a parade, band-concert, picnic blanket quilt. I think I have enough. I suspect it will NOT be batted, but rather a front and back with a layer of something damp resistent between. I don't know what that will be, yet - maybe a vinyl tablecloth? A mattress pad would work but would be too heavy. We'll see.

#4 A quilt for Daniel. He asked, I'm agreeing. It will be simple and fast and big enough for his bed. Beyond that? Dunno

There are still things in the holding tank below that list. Simon turns 16 NEXT year (he's the only one!) The Silent Auction this past weekend generated a nice chunk of money, totals are still coming in, but there were some disappointed "wish I had bid"s about my quilt this morning at school. I don't know what it eventually went for, it was up to $60 when I looked an hour before bidding closed. I'm going to suggest that for next year we look into the legalities of a raffle, and put up one prize that way. Perhaps my quilt. If that's the case, I'd like to have it done (or at least the top) well ahead of the show, perhaps even as early as the Christmas Craft Fair or Winter Concerts. Just a thought, just the earliest kernal of a thought, actually.

Tomorrow, I start on Danielle's quilt. Details to follow.

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Anonymous said...

I never would have thought to use all those patterns in the tulip block but it really is wonderful. Have fun. Alexis