Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Update

Last Week

Start Danielle's quilt
cut apart jeans in laundry room to determine if I have enough
Watch for jeans and or short zippers at yard sales, etc


Monday, Wednesday (rained out) - Daniel Little League practice
Tuesday Daniel ASEP
Saturday - Tori to Lyndenville (sick)
meet (email?) with staff appreciation planning people
start tomatoes, peppers

gather materials for garden frames
plant daffs and hyacinths from Diane

I'm late getting to this this morning - my "local" Staples had an early coupon event. Get there before 10, and receive $10 off a $20 purchase with the card, I had 2 discount cards, and I needed printer ink... I took the opportunity to get some groceries by myself, too - much cheaper and less junk foody that way.

I started off the week in great style - those daffs and hyacinths were planted Sunday afternoon, and I got a good start on the yard work. The weather was perfect for it, I have about 1/4 done before the rains came and the grey winter turned overnight into green spring. This week promises more of the same nice weather, so I'll plug along. I've already started my "this summer" to do list. There are a few carry forwards from last year, and a few new additions. Nothing so ambitious as "build a deck" but a smaller lower deck might be in the cards anyway. I guess if I put it on the list, the chances are better that we won't "forget."

Still no sewing - I may have to institute a 30 minutes a day policy until I get my mojo back. I don't have to look for zippers anymore, though - I got a GREAT package of them in the mail this week from Susan. Thanks so much!

Next Week

Dinner Menu - April 4 - April 17

Sunday - grilled chicken breasts
Monday - Quiche, salad
Tuesday - Pizza bagels (Daniel cooks)
Wednesday - ?? Tori cooks
Thursday - ?? Simon cooks
Friday - pizza
Saturday - Ravioli and garlic breadsticks
Sunday - Grilled pork loin
Monday - Tomato soup, grilled cheese
Tuesday - Fried rice, egg rolls
Wednesday - baked mac and cheese
Thursday - grilled kielbasa, fried potatoes
Friday - stromboli
Saturday - hot dogs, potato salad

Sew 30 minutes every day
Start Danielle's quilt
cut apart jeans in laundry room to determine if I have enough


Apr 10-18 April vacation - no school
Monday, Wednesday - Daniel Little League practice?
Tuesday - Snow tires off car
Tuesday - Body Pump class with Jackie
Friday- Sunday - Tori jump training
continue dialogue with staff appreciation planning people
gather materials for garden frames
plant daylilies from Beth

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