Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yeah, about yesterday

So THAT's what happens when I make myself write somethng, ANYthing, just to make an appearance every day (I'm trying.) Sorry about that, let me expand.

I worked yesterday morning, and when I got home decided to take the chance and call to see if the orthodontist happened to be open (every second Monday.) I got lucky, they were, so I decided I'd run down and get Simon's elastics. It's not a "to-the-end-of-the-earth trip, only 25 min each way, but it does mean a trip to a bigger town, one with three grocery stores, two car dealerships, and a Subway! And Ben Franklin.

This Ben Franklin is a walk back in time - a five & dime in the 1950s sense - housewares, candy, yard good, squeaky floors and things you didn't know you needed. I love shopping there. I wandered through and grabbed a couple of yards of various blue and green fabrics to get started on Danielle's quilt. Last night I actually looked forward to cutting into them! It'll have to wait, though. As I said, today is busy, but tomorrow? So far, so good.

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