Thursday, May 20, 2010

3rd time's the charm

There we go. Two down, a whole flippin' pile to go. I must say that as much as I do like this, I miss the green against the purple that I kept trying to do with all my failed attempts. There's certainly a way to achieve that anyway (like a skinny green border around that purple center square, but honestly? meh. More work than I'm interested in. Besides, it'll just give me more opportunities to mess up.

Busy today - Tori's having her wisdom teeth out in a few hours, Simon's retaking his permit test this afternoon. And there's open house at Daniel's school this evening. wooooo!

It rained much of the day yesterday, so I got through much (most) of the stuff for the yard sale, so it's on. I'll use the pennies I make to buy stuff for my garden. Or maybe popsicles for the toothless wonder who will no doubt still be lounging on the couch.

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