Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Steeeeeerike 2!

Danielle's quilt is giving me fits! After the wing-it method failed, I took the time to draw out paper foundations (I don't enjoy paper piecing, but it gets the job done.) It STILL didn't work! Why? Green in the blue spots, blue in the green - neither strips cut the right size for their wrong positions. Okay. So now having it done wrong twice, I *think* third time's the charm. I'm going to use the copier at school to print a couple more of the big beasties and then, deep breath, try again tomorrow.

I'm working today, which is fine, I enjoy it *and* I get paid, but oh, I wanna be in the garden! Tomorrow, so far, is wide open. I'll be outside taking advantage of it. (or, in the garage sorting and pricing for Saturday's yard sale. ugh)

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