Thursday, July 29, 2010

No outside for you!

After various shuttling and chauffeuring this morning, I thought I'd take advantage of the breezy clear day and get some outside work done. I've reconsidered - I'd probably sever an arm or something.

In order to "earn" my outside playtime, I buckled down and got my sewing for today finished - Nic's blocks are almost done, I have well over half of the string blocks done (assuming I need 100.) I powered through lunchtime, and regretted it about 1:30 when I started making stupid mistakes. Pause, eat, resume. Much better.

Finished up my sewing machine, cleaned up the kitchen, noticed some crumbs on the floor. Bent over to sweep them up, came up and cracked my head on the corner of the counter. Okay... sit for a second, go get a cold pack, get distracted. Take a load of laundry upstairs, trip on the stairs. DEFINITELY time to sit down. Where's that cold pack? Still in the freezer. Grab it, jam toes into stool leg as I walk out of the kitchen. Sit? Oh yeah. For the rest of the day. Just to be safe.

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