Monday, July 05, 2010

Sorry about no pictures yesterday

I got busy outside, and before I knew it, it was time to start supper. I think I under-hydrated / over-heated because by 7, I was a whimpering mess. Took some Excedrin, guzzled a bunch of water, and went to bed early. Today, much better, but I've learned my lesson. The A/C is now running to beat the heat, and I've done as much outside as I'm going to - those delphiniums are in the ground, the pots are all watered - oops, except for the mailbox, BRB - okay, the planters are ALL watered, and there are 2 loads out on the clothesline. I have to run to the hardware store later today, but that can wait. Today's plan for outside is SHORT SPURTS.

Hey, look at that, my mailbox is glowing!

There's a band concert in the park again tonight, and in the interest of not heating up my kitchen, we'll be picking up a pizza and dining al fresco this evening. Sounds like a GREAT plan.

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