Friday, August 13, 2010

Apple Turnovers

I was on my way home from the store yesterday at about 3:00. This is a BAD time for me to be either in a store, or behind the wheel, because this is the danger hour. I ALWAYS want something to eat. hungry or not, around 3. I was driving, thinking about what it was I wanted. Apples. Something with an apple filling. And pastry. Puff pastry. Strudel? No, a turnover. I wanted an apple turnover. Where could I get an apple turnover? Scanned the files for the nearest bakery. Ferrisburgh? Nope, their turnovers aren't flaky, they're pie-like. Not there. Bristol? No, they make DIVINE sour cherry danishes (or used to) but no turnovers. Middlebury? (we're up to a potential 20+ minute drive at this point) But, no, none there either.I realized sadly, that the turnover I wanted was 800 miles and 35 years away.

Waterford Plaza (used to be Calbeck's Plaza until Calbeck's went out of business) used to be the only shopping destination on a Thursday night. Groceries from Calbeck's, but bread from the bakery next door. The Waterford Bakery was owned by an old Belgian couple, and everything was made from scratch, and delicious. Each Thursday my parents picked up 10 loaves of bread - 5 white, 5 wheat, and often, a sweet treat for after. Usually that treat was a turnover, either apple or raspberry, and that was what I wanted. And while my car is silver, it's not a DMC-12. sigh.

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katelnorth said...

It's probably not much consolation, but the memory of a turnover has far fewer calories than the actual thing...