Sunday, September 19, 2010


Last Week


Sew 30 minutes every day - nope
refine monster purse pattern
Pull fabric for Daniel's quilt - nope


Monday - HS Picture Day
Tuesday - PTO
Friday - Homecoming

steam clean carpets
begin retaining wall in corner
weed - harvest - garden things.

I've booked time on the mid-arm quilter in Middlebury to get those three tops done. It'll save me 1/2 the price of cheap long arm work, but it is going to take some of my time. That's okay. It'll be worth it to get what I want (and I love the $ savings!) That's mid-October, I need to make sure I have backs and batting before then.

Yesterday I cleared out the carrot/pumpkin/squash/cucumber bed. The composter's getting emptied onto that soil this week, and next year I'll plant the tomatoes there. I'm going to spend some time this winter reading up on companion plants - what vegetables are friends, and which flowers benefit whom. Marigolds with tomatoes is easy, but I understand nasturtiums and sunflowers are other good helpers. The square foot gardening may become square foot and a half gardening - I think crowding was at least partly to blame for some of my low/late yields.

Now though, back outside. The weather's been cool and wonderful. I spent almost the entire day outside yesterday; picking apples in the morning and doing garden work in the afternoon. I rode the mower around the back field too, and spread some topsoil and grass seed on part of the area I cleared a few years ago. It seems I'm in full Aesop Ant mode, again. Must be autumn.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - September 19 - October(!) 2

Sunday - Grilled chicken breasts
Monday - Potato bacon soup and bread
Tuesday - Fried Rice & egg rolls
Wednesday - goulash
Thursday - pork chops, fried potatoes
Friday - pizza
Saturday - brats & egg noodles
Sunday - Crockpot chicken and stuffing
Monday - Soup and bread
Tuesday - breakfast for dinner
Wednesday - spaghetti and meat sauce
Thursday - Crock pot ribs and cornbread waffles
Friday - pizza
Saturday - baked mac and cheese

(let's try this again)

Sew 30 minutes every day
Monster purses - at least 6
Pull fabric and decide pattern for Daniel's quilt


Tuesday - Peace One Day
Wednesday - VUES Open House 6-7
Thursday - Elem. Picture Day
Thursday - sub a.m.
Friday - Sub Warner all day
Friday - BSA sign up VUES 7:30
Saturday - Tori Plymouth State visit
steam clean carpets (unlikely)
begin retaining wall in corner (see above)
empty composter
weed - harvest - garden things.
plan October menus

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