Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yeah, that sewing every day thing really isn't working out. Maybe subbing in special ed is the problem - I get home and I'm exhausted. I shove some horrible food in my face (last night? a chocolate cupcake!) and then start dinner. That placement ends today though (yeah!) and tomorrow's an easier one (Guidance) so... maybe I'll get reacquainted with my sewing machine on the weekend.

The fundraiser work is almost done, too - I'll enter everything I have (so far) online, and beyond that there are only a handful of outstanding payments I'm waiting for. Next week is still a little crazy, but not as horrifically so as this week. Can't wait. Walk 20 miles? (for real) Sure, piece of cake! I hope the weather cooperates.

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Sarah W said...

So now you will understand if I gain 40 pounds or look like I haven't slept in a month--my job isn't as easy as it might look :) Thanks for filling in for me though!