Monday, September 27, 2010

Up before the sun

I love getting up early. I'm a useless lump after about 9 pm, but at 5 am? I can be raring to go. Most of my family is the opposite, and ahhhh, that's fine with me. I've had my coffee, done some laundry (it's in the dryer now) and mixed up some muffins (in the oven) for breakfast. I've put away some things on the deck, changed the litterbox and taken out the trash and recycling. It's 6:40 and the sun is only just now rising.

I'm working every day this week and have no idea when I'll find time to sew. I intend to try and find 1/2 hour a fay though - Only 88 sleeps until Christmas!

I'm closing out a fundraiser at school, too, and that will take some of my attention this week. Plus, you know, the whole coooking/cleaning/eating/sleeping thing.

Maybe I'll have to start getting up at 4.

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QuiltingFitzy said...

Dh kisses me at 3:50am as he walks out the door for work. BAMB! I've GOT to get up, my brain has been unleashed...and off I go.

I've always been an early riser, even in high school.

The quietness of the morning is MY TIME to get my mind in order, or things ticked off my list. I sew in the morning, or clean, or do laundry.

Traded in my evening hours (we go to bed at 8pm) for morning hours. Seems to work, thank goodness for TIVO!