Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's Thursday!

No pictures today. Why? Can't be bothered to find my camera card, truth be told.

So, I checked the bins and I have at least a dozen crayon rolls from last year, so there will be no more crayon rolling unless I find myself with oodles of extra time. Fat chance! And if there's time, they'll be pencil or marker rolls, not crayons.

The monsters are about done. They seem to develop their unique personalities when they get their eyes on. Some look happy, some angry, some hungry, some just look a little crazed! But they're done.

The order came yesterday and will all been washed today. There will be 6 aprons from that, and maybe more if there's time to shop for more fabric. They're quick and assembly line-able. Something to show next week.

I still need to label those quilts. That will be done by next week as well. And I know, not Christmas, but the top of Daniel's quilt is done. I'd kinda hoped I'd have it pieced by Monday, quilted Tuesday, and bound Wednesday, but heh, that didn't happen. It WILL be done by next week, though.

Today, I'm headed in to town to get the snow tires on the truck. Joann is right there, and gee, it's a nice day for a walk... we'll see.

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