Monday, November 08, 2010

Make plans

If you want to invite chaos, make plans.

Maybe not chaos, but my goal of getting those Santa hats cut yesterday? Nah. Did I get the truck in to get the snows put on and the oil changed? Nope. Did my sewing machine even get turned on? sigh. And today is cold and windy and raining. So, fuzzy red hats? Notsomuch today. Snow tires? I'm getting a little antsy about that, but Tori needs the truck today, so no. But, haha! I know how to wing it, and wing it I shall. The sewing machine WILL hum today. I will head to the gym early, I'll spend some quality time with Gil Grissom on the treadmill (I'm way behind on CSI) and throw some weights around, then come home and get busy. The truck can get re-tired on Thursday when the weather's nice again and snow seems a long time off.

It wasn't just the weather that conspired against me yesterday, but let's lay the blame there anyway. Now. It's 6:20. Time to get this show on the road.

Today: eyes on 6 more monsters, assemble Daniel's top, check downstairs for already completed crayon rolls + sew 3 more, laundry, soup & biscuits for dinner.


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