Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekend Update

Now back to some regular programming, huh?

Last Week

Labels on finished quilts
assemble 6 Santa bags
Sew 30 minutes every day (including Thanksgiving)
Finish all Santa bags

Monday - Scott dr.
Monday - Mazda service
Tuesday - Add Dec to VUES lunch menu
Wednesday - Simon - orthodontist
Thursday - Thanksgiving!
Friday - 4 am shopping? No chance in *#$$

Despite my lofty ambitions, I did not, in fact, get all my Craft Fair sewing done. You can see by the Next Four list on the sidebar, though, that it's mostly done. The Santa hat bags are all cut out and all assembled except for the last hairy (literally) step - they need the fur band sewn on the top to keep everything together. No biggie - they'll be done. Simon has also recognized a potential money maker. He's going to DC with his class in January, and is going to sell a cute little *something* for not much money. Hopefully it'll help with the bill. Details Thursday. Does it REALLY need to cost almost $1000 to send a kid to DC on a bus for a long weekend?! Someone's making an obscene profit on this, I just know it.

Beyond that, hmmm... I'm ready for winter. Bring it.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - November 28 - December 11

Sunday - Hot Turkey Sandwiches
Monday - turkey rice soup
Tuesday - Shepherd's pie
Wednesday - Baked ziti
Thursday - beef stew
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - deli sandwiches
Sunday - pork loin roast
Monday - Lentil Sausage Soup
Tuesday - Chicken Sandwiches
Wednesday - Fusilli
Thursday - pulled pork
Friday - Stromboli
Saturday - Tacos

Sew 30 minutes every day
Finish all Santa bags
Finish Simon's craft fair things

Tuesday - Gym
Tuesday - Daniel ASEP
Wednesday - Cookie Baking for ASEP
Thursday - Gym
Saturday - VUES Craft Fair
Sunday - Sinterklaas

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