Thursday, December 02, 2010


All my Christmas sewing (and most of my Christmas shopping) is done. So what have I accomplished?

Craft Fair
  • 30 Monster coin purses
  • 12 Santa Hat bags
  • 7 Reversible multi-size-able aprons
  • 12 crayon rolls (from last year)
  • Assorted chicken pin cushions (previous years)

  • Danielle - Persist - done, labeled, ready to send
  • Nic - Double Double - done, labeled, ready to send
  • Raffle Quilt for Ellie - Bee - done, labeled, ready to hand off

Gee, listed like that it doesn't seem so impressive, but it is. And it's all done.

I meant to include this in the list above, but really, it deserves it's own paragraph. Simon is going to Washington, DC next month with about 30 classmates. It's not a cheap trip, but he's willing to work to help earn some of the money to go. Over the holiday, he and I made about 75 of these - Hot drink cup sleeves. Sure you can get them free with throw away cups, but aren't they cute? And totally reusable! He's selling them for $2 each, or 3 for $5. I hope he sells out - he's done just about all the work but the sewing. They cost me nothing, since the fabric is either free (from Marilyn) or was included in the cost of the original project - it's all scrap! Even the batting (trimmings after quilting) and the flannel lining. They fit throw away cups and the handle-less travel mugs like my stainless one there. Want one? I'm happy to do mail order too. :o) And it's for a good cause, right?

I have Christmas presents bought (but not wrapped) for Scott, Tori, Simon, and Daniel. For my mom, and Scott's mom, and for my wee nephew Jeb. Santa is done for Daniel, and is waiting for a sale (fingers crossed) for Tori and Simon. Both can be purchased last minute, locally, so I, I mean *he* can wait. I will see what's left after the craft fair to send to the last 4 nieces and nephews who haven't been pushed off the gift train turned 16. As I was updating the Next Four post on the side, I added those last 6 Christmas quilts to my (eventual) To Do list, and chuckled. Jeb will turn 16 in 2026. Best get that one finished ahead of time while I can still see!

What I haven't done is any decorating, or any baking. I did dig through the totes yesterday morning and find the 3 Countdown to Christmas Santas, though they haven't been loaded. Today. I have to wait for Lowe's to deliver my new dryer anyway, so this will keep me busy. They say they will arrive between 8 and 11. I'm hoping closer to the 8 than the 11 but I don't need to be anywhere, so...

Saturday is the Craft Fair, Sunday is Sinterklaas. Yeah, that's all set too. This year? I'm on it.

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Jeri said...

What do you mean "not impressive"? I'm totally impressed!! (I would have told you before but I didn't know I could comment without having a blog.)