Sunday, December 26, 2010


Last Week


Monday - Dentist
Tuesday - Sub Hatch
Thursday - kids off school until Jan 3
Thursday - Optometrist

Thursday - Tori orthodontist - rescheduled

What I really need to have on my to-do list is to come up with a word for this year ahead. As I wrote earlier this week, I'm coming off a couple of years of hard, hard words and I really want something easy. Not gonna happen. For me, the word of the year is a touchstone, a return-to point where I can go to regroup and refocus. A little desk under the stairs where I can prepare my strategy. A word like *smile* or *bold* or *finish* doesn't challenge me to examine the darker corners of my house - they're the flower boxes and doorbell, not the foundation and my foundation still needs a lot of work. I think my perimeter drain could stand some excavating as well.

There is a word that does keep barging in, and I think it's where I'm going, but I'm still puzzling out the details. Let's have that done for, hmmm, Thursday.

Ahem. Okay then.

So this week, Orange Cat came home from the vet minus his man parts. Yes, Vicky, we cut off the hose, right at the spigot. He was a mess on Wednesday - peeing on a couch cushion (thank goodness for quick thinking and washable covers!), leaving little spots of blood whenever he sat down, squeaking and whimpering at any attempt to clean him up. He spent that night and Thursday night locked in the bathroom until he regained his sense of place and his comfort with the litterbox and is mostly back to his old self now. Well, his old self + a shaved bottom. Oh, the indignity!

Christmas was nice. Scott gave me a digital picture frame that I need to a) find a place for, and b) load up with a zillion mb worth of worthy photos. I'd like it somewhere I can see from my desk, but I'm not sure where that is yet. It's safe under the tree right now. Santa brought Simon a ukulele. The grin on his face was priceless. Tori got her shiny purple Dansko clogs, and Daniel got, yay! more weaponry, to more effectively kill Simon's ukulele, I think.

There's housecleaning to get to this week, I always like a fresh start to the New Year, and the Sisyphean laundry. But right now, there's leftovers to deal with. With the northern edge of a big storm headed this way, let there be soup!

Next Week

Dinner Menu - December 26 - January 8

Sunday - Leftovers
Monday - tomato soup and grilled cheese
Tuesday - Simon?
Wednesday - Tori?
Thursday - Daniel?
Friday - nibbles
Saturday - pizza
Sunday - pork chops and fried potatoes
Monday - turkey rice soup
Tuesday - baked potato bar
Wednesday - My Birthday! Roast beef, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans
Thursday - baked ziti
Friday - stromboli
Saturday - bbq chicken sandwiches


something. ANYthing!

Monday - Gym?
Tuesday - vet 2:40
Wednesday - Ortho 3:40
Thursday - Hair appt 8:15
Happy New Year!!

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Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

tried to leave a comment yesterday, but some family member got in the way...anyway...poor poor kittie. at least he will get over it quickly, unlike a human male....

how about 'cornerstone' for your word?