Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Whole Lot of We'll See

I've got to change up that Next Four list. It's out of date, and I'm itching to start something. Without a list, however will I know what to do?! Well, I'm sure I'd manage somehow, but regardless. The new list is worked.

#1 - A raffle quilt for the VUES Talent Show in March. The date was originally March 19, but we moved it up a week due to a conflict. No worries. A date is a deadline, and man how I loves me a deadline. I'm thinking of drawing attention to our school garden with something like this. I've never done the free form letters, and suspect when I do, those words will decrease dramatically - maybe healthy, happy, homegrown or something. We'll see when I get my hands into it. That strippy set middle will not be solid - free pieced colour related strips instead, and there may be more than four. Again, we'll see. This was a preliminary "May I?" mock up. I may.

#2 - Baby quilt. My neighbour Jill is going to be a grandmother in May. She has given me pretty free reign with this, with the only caveat that it be a little obnoxious, in a "you surprised me, I surprise you" kind of way. Gender neutral, with a heavy dose of orange (suggestion from daughter #2) Jill graduated from Penn State - what are their colours?

#3 - Simon's Christmas quilt. I'll work on this in secret like I did Tori's. He's told me green, so green it is. He's a graphics kinda kid, so I'm leaning heavily toward a tessellated pattern. I've done a monkey wrench before, but never big, and never in a single colour palette. Something like this? I like the look, and I think he will too.

#4 - Denim parade/concert quilt. Will this year be the one our butts are up off the wet grass? I have loads of jeans, and can pick up some PUL (polyurethane backed fabric) for waterproof-iness. I'm seeing a bear looming in the distance on this, though - I've never used it. Once again, we'll see when we get there.

In the *eventually* portion of the list are the remaining Christmas quilts (through 2026!), a couple of impending weddings that may or may not need quilt gifts, and Etsy. I'm toying with the idea of opening an Etsy shop to generate enough $$ to feed this habit. With Tori going to college in the fall, the budget's getting tightened up, and I really, seriously REALLY do not need to buy more fabric. But I do, sometimes *want* to buy fabric, and I need thread and batting, and quilting machine rental fees... so maybe. I'll see how things move forward on the things I need to do first off.

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