Sunday, January 23, 2011

Did ya miss me?

Wee sabbatical there, I just needed a break. Must be the time of year - everything's slowing down, it seems like.

Last Week

Begin raffle quilt

Monday - Gym
Tuesday - PTO
Thursday - Sunday - Simon to DC
Saturday - 1/29 - Oma to Cuba

Yes, well, sorry 'bout that. Sometimes a pause is in order. We've had some snow, we've had some cold. We'll have more of both before spring. (Tonight, in fact, it's supposed to go down to -25ยบ or so.) The kids have an inservice day Monday, so there really will be no need to venture out into the Arctic. Soup and breadsticks for supper, perfect.

I have been sewing (aiming for daily) on the raffle quilt, and have decided that the original plan wasn't quite on target. This is. Much better, but again with the sashing! I don't do sashing. But I guess I do. So, there it is, I'm almost halfway on the initial piecing. I'd like to get allof the 4patch sub-units done this week. Realistic? doubtful, but I'll try.

Jill's grand-baby to be will be a girl, so that quilt will lean pink rather than blue, and that's fine with me. I'll start that one when this one gets into the final stages.

What else? Simon went to DC last weekend, came back with more money than he left with (he found a penny) and exactly ONE picture. Of $10,000 (they went to the Bureau of Engraving.) Funny boy. Tori would have come back with an extra suitcase full of stuff and a camera full of adventures. I guess the rest of us will have to go in order to see the sights.

I've been keeping up with my resolution to get rid of things - something gets the heave (gentle or otherwise) every day. I guess Thursday I could have taken a picture of Scott's car - earlier this month the dealer bought it back in trade for a new one in the spring, but only got around to collecting it this week. I guess a toy car with no snow tires and a zippy engine requires just the right weather to make the 45 minute trip in to town. Thursday (once the snow stopped and the roads got cleared) was it. Makes my plowing life 100 times easier.

Tori's working on birthday cakes in the kitchen - as soon as she's cleaned up, I think I'll move in and start sewing (she's in my spooooooooot!)

Next Week

Dinner Menu - January 23 - February 5

Sunday -Ham, scalloped potatoes
Monday - potato bacon soup, pretzel breadsticks
Tuesday - fried rice, sweet & sour chicken
Wednesday - Sausage Fusilli
Thursday - French Dip sandwiches, shoestring potatoes
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Mac & Cheese
Sunday - Beef Stew
Monday - Sausage & white bean soup
Tuesday - breakfast
Wednesday - Groundhog Day! Meatloaf, mashed potatoes
Thursday - spaghetti
Friday - stromboli
Saturday - pigs in blankets

continue raffle quilt

Monday - Gym
Monday - In service
Tuesday - Sub Warner 1/2 day
Tuesday - Daniel field trip
Saturday - Tori winter ball

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dee said...

I almost forgot that it's about time for that groundhog to appear on your table...mmmmm....groundhog