Thursday, January 13, 2011


It seems the weather outstayed it's welcome and Atlanta decided to send it home. I knew there was *some* snow coming, but this one came further north than was expected. We got about a foot, I'd guess, but with the wind, it drifted. One side of my car was buried to the roof. (The other was completely clear.) You can't really tell from the pictures without a little person for scale, but the shoveled and plowed piles are at least mid-thigh high, in some cases up to shoulder height. I did most of the heavy moving before 7 this morning since there was no school delay - they needed to be there by 8. I got home after a cup of coffee with the lunch ladies and tidied the edges. About 2 1/2 hours in total, but I think I can skip the gym with a clear conscience today.
I spent a few snowbound hours sewing yesterday, assembling just about everything I had cut for the raffle quilt. Today, more cutting, and maybe more sewing too. I'm having lunch with Kathy in about an hour, and then home, start supper, play with some scraps, maybe take a wee nap since it's a late one tonight. Simon has to be at school at 10:45 pm to get on the bus to go to D.C. He'll be home Sunday. Thank goodness Mother Nature got this out of her system yesterday - there's be a lot of very sad 10th graders this weekend if they'd had to cancel the trip.

So - a cup of coffee, a quick shower, then lunch. I'm off!

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