Thursday, February 24, 2011

Started and started

I have the baby quilt layered, and the raffle quilt backing ready to be put together. Darn "44inch" wide fabric that's barely 40! I'll get the one done today, and the other ready to do next week. As much as I like to believe no school means less running around and so more free time, the opposite is actually true. Even if I don't need to go anywhere/do anything, someone needs my attention or space, and sigh... So I'll wait on that bigger one until I have the luxury of time and space to spread out.

We're expecting yet another snow storm tomorrow. It's coming across the south, DC, Philadelphia, NYC I think, so my fingers are crossed it'll spare us the huge dump that it might bring. We haven't had much luck with that lately though, so I'll make sure the tractor's gassed up and the car's in the garage. And If I have to spend the day binding, well, there are worse things...

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