Monday, February 07, 2011

Sunday, Monday... whatever, it's snowing. again

Last Week

continue raffle quilt when fabric arrives - it hasn't arrived
Begin Jill's quilt

Monday - Gym
Tuesday - Daniel ASEP
Wednesday - Groundhog Day!
Thursday - Tori orthodontist 8:40
Friday - Daniel Cubs

Schedule Dr, dentist appt, Staff Appreciation meeting.

It's been a very snowy winter. and dammit, it shows no sign of letting up. Don't get me wrong, I like winter, I like snow, but there's nowhere left to put it. We've had about 80" of snowfall this winter, and it's the beginning of February - there's still lots of time for some more great big dumps. Thankfully there was a thaw at the beginning of January, and that heavier snow on top compresses the stuff underneath, or we'd be driving through canyons - the cover is only about 30" right now.

Last week was Groundhog Day, and if I do say so myself, this might be my finest work yet. No, Tori did not eat it, but she did get to watch the rest of us enjoying it. We had so much snow Wednesday, she couldn't go anywhere. But look, no shadow!

Since I was waiting for the Kona to arrive to continue the raffle quilt, I got to work on Jill's. It's a little further than this, more pictures as it progresses further. This was just a tease I posted on Facebook. :o)

Now, I must go accomplish something. Or something. I did find my TurboTax discs without having to clean my desk (much.) Maybe I'll do that.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - Feb 6 - 19

Sunday - ribs!
Monday - Chili
Tuesday - Pork roast, scalloped potatoes
Wednesday - ravioli
Thursday - chicken pot pie
Friday - pizza
Saturday - burgers
Sunday - swedish meatballs, noodles
Monday - cheese and broccoli soup
Tuesday - Pancakes
Wednesday - Mac & cheese
Thursday - beef stew
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - tacos & nachos

continue raffle quilt when fabric arrives
continue Jill's quilt

Monday - Gym
Monday - Scott dentist
Tuesday - VUESCG
Tuesday - Daniel ASEP
Thursday - Scott wisdom tooth extraction
Schedule Dr, dentist appt, Staff Appreciation meeting.

Also, snow. More &^%$! snow.

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