Sunday, May 29, 2011


Last Week

Continue Simon's quilt - nope

Tuesday - Sub Sawyer - nope
Wednesday - Underclass Awards night - YAY!

Plenty of wheel spinning this week - literally and figuratively. It's still raining though not right now) and the grass is growing like the weeds that it is, so you cut it when the opportunity presents itself (and hope someone's close when you get stuck in the muck. Again.) This has become my footwear of choice for just about every activity. The only question is whether or not I need to hose off the mud before I do whatever it is I'm planning to do. For example - groceries? Hose. Survivor Greenhouse? Nah. Putting in the garden is going in? A-ha-ha-ha-! I think I need pontoons! I've learned a couple of things too -
tomatoes like marigolds, peppers like nasturtiums, worms REALLY don't like egg shells, bees can swim and lilacs can't.

There's a promise of dryer weather, starting Tuesday. I'll believe it when I see it.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - May 22-June 4

Sunday - Pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes
Monday - MEMORIAL DAY - hot dogs
Tuesday - tacos
Wednesday - baked ziti
Thursday - chicken cordon bleu
Friday - pizza
Saturday - chinese takeout

we're winging it next week - Scott's away

Continue Simon's quilt

Tuesday - German Club trip meeting
Wednesday - Sub Foley
Thursday - Kick-off to Summer Reading
Saturday - Scott to airport

weeding, planting, watering ne'er mind.

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