Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Return of Chucky

Look who showed up yesterday, since we haven't been challenged enough garden-side this year. It's been cold and wet and floody, and now it's getting a little Chucky out there too. "Eat those dandelions, Chuck. They're good for you. Lettuce and onions? baaaaaad. Stay away, they'll kill ya!"

So, here we go.

Last Week

Continue Simon's quilt - not a stitch

Monday - Tori orthodontist
Tuesday - dryer repair a.m. - grrrrr.
Wednesday - Sub kindergarten
Thursday - Sub Foley
Friday - Sub Foley

Dryer repair (and the subsequent growling) - I had to buy a new dryer in November. It stopped working in April and has been limping along since. Two weeks ago would have been service call #3, but what was supposed to be a "first thing in the morning" appointment became a "between 10 and noon" appointment and then a "he'll be there after 1" appointment and I couldn't wait any longer. So I rescheduled for this past Tuesday. I got a call on Sunday afternoon saying that the part I needed had been ordered the previous Friday (so, 3 days AFTER the original appointment) and that I'd need to reschedule again since there could be no repair without the part. I asked if the Tuesday appointment could stand in case the part arrived Monday, but it didn't. So I rescheduled again, for THIS coming Tuesday. You'll notice below, though, that the service is not on my Week Ahead list. That's because today, soon I hope, Lowe's is taking away that piece of crap broken dryer and bringing me a brand new one. I sure do wish they'd get here, though. I've got outdoor things to do that involve making more laundry.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - May 22-June 4

Sunday - grilled chicken, egg noodles
Monday - deli sandwiches
Tuesday - quiche & salad
Wednesday - spaghetti
Thursday - fried rice
Friday - pizza
Saturday - burgers
Sunday - mac & cheese
Monday - MEMORIAL DAY - hot dogs
Tuesday - tacos
Wednesday - baked ziti
Thursday - chicken cordon bleu
Friday - pizza
Saturday - grilled pork chops

Continue Simon's quilt

Tuesday - Sub Sawyer
Wednesday - Underclass Awards night

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dee said...

I need a new dryer..any info you care to share on what not to buy?? I've always had Whirlpool for years. A friend bought a Bosch and was tempted to drive it to the dock and throw it in. Nothing but trouble.

To bad Chucky is such a pest-he's mighty cute