Thursday, June 30, 2011


All 42 of the blocks for Madness are done! Today will be for trimming and squaring up and then, eek! I have to find a big enough window of time (and space) to lay everything out for assembly. This might be a good candidate for 4 block chunks - I can probably do that without drawing too much of Simon's attention. But the layout is so fiddly - I have to get it right the first time - I do NOT want to do anymore tearing out on this beast!

I ordered backing fabric from the other day as well - I expect that to be here tomorrow. There's not a chance I'll have the top done before it gets here, and I have not a clue what I have for batting downstairs. Must check that and then give Thread Connections a call to schedule some machine time.

7:30. I ought to get in gear before the rest of the clan starts moving. I've got some cleaning to do, some banking, and yay! some trimming. Tomorrow is Canada Day, maybe I'll make some butter tarts. Or Nanaimo Bars. Probably out to eat some breakfast first, though.

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zarina said...

Haha - I am short of 5 blocks to make 41 mosaics. They will be alternated with a white block. Blog about it maybe a few weeks time - need to time my post so that there won't be any 'gaps'.