Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's a three day streak!

I'm only procrastinating a little this morning. I swear.

The garden didn't happen yesterday, BUT lots of other did. My motivator? a timer. I gave myself permission to knock off housework after 2 hours and got the kitchen clean, three loads of laundry done, and some general tidying accomplished. Of course that all needs to happen again today, but such is life. The washer's already going, some dry, clean stuff is folded and waiting to go upstairs, and the dishwasher is... clean and full. SIMON!!

I had to take His Fatness to the vet yesterday - it's summer, and just like every year it seems he's worked himself up a bladder full of stones. Since his surgery last winter, though, this too will pass (heh) but I firmly stand by my assertion that there's no such thing as a free kitten.

And in cleaning up my desk I came across the receipt for my Cherry Tree that managed to survive 100 inches of snow and cold this winter, but couldn't handle the combination of clay soil and record setting rainfall this spring. I know there won't be another sour cherry to be had this late in the planting season, but maybe I can find something else to fill that hole. I'll go look today, AFTER I'm done my chores. I'll pick up some composted manure at the same time and the garden will be done today.

And finally, I sewed! I got 2 centers corrected in Simon's quilt, finished piecing a few more blocks, and now have about 1/4 of the blocks done and done right. Fixing them insn't hard, but it's picky work so I've told myself I only have to do 2 a day. That'll take me about a week - I can handle that. Onward!


Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

my cat gets crystals in her urine so i feed her the 'good for urinary tract' dry food and it seems to help. maybe his largess would like it too?

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