Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Oh Goodness!

I missed that weekend altogether! Well, actually, I *didn't* miss it - that's why no posts. :o)

First things first.

Last Week

Continue Simon's quilt

Monday - Band concert, strawberry social
devise a slug repellent
it's not perfect, though
weeding, planting, watering

So. All 42 blocks or Simon's quilt are sew and trimmed. He's working this morning so I *hope* I can at least find the time to get the whole thing laid out and then bundled into 4 block units to sew. Then tomorrow or the next day I can lay it out again and get 16 block units made... I'd really like this to be a top by next weekend.

The slug battle continues. They've taken an especial fondness to one plant, I don't know why, and are, more or less, leaving the others alone. I'm still intrigued by the cookie cutters idea, but the local thrift store had none. I'll bet the hardware store has copper "tape" though - I think I've seen it. I will win this, gastropods.

I think today I might go pick some strawberries if the weather follows through on what it's promising right now. First though, the tiniest bit of cleaning, some laundry on the line, and a couple of hours in the garden. My own strawberries? A bust. Again. Sorry, pals. you've had plenty of chances, I'm taking back the space. I'll clear that bed at some point this summer and spread the rest of the garden next year.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - July 3 - July 9

Sunday - ??
Monday - ribs, corn on the cob
Tuesday - grilled kielbasa and potatoes
Wednesday - sausage fusilli
Thursday - grilled chicken
Friday - pizza
Saturday - burgers

Assemble Madness top
Call to schedule longarm time

Sunday - fireworks!
Monday - Bristol parade
perfect a slug repellent
weeding, planting, watering

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