Thursday, October 06, 2011

Aww, Applesauce

I'm not so old to remember them when they were first on television, but I do recall seeing the Little Rascals when I was a kid. Not much stuck, but I do remember one of the little guys saying "aw, applesauce, Mary!" Toe scuffing, head down - I think it means "aw shucks." I remember it every time I have a pan full of Macs simmering on the stove. Like today!
Of the 1/2 bushel I picked up on Monday, I was probably 3 apples short of 13 jars. And my house smells maaahhhhvelous. In a few week, I'll get another 1/2 bushel of Northern Spys this time, and cut 'em up for the freezer. Yum!


Wilma NC said...

I canned applesauce this year too!!! Love it!!

dee said...

I watched them everyday and recently, a friend of mine who loves old shows showed me her purchase of a collection of DVDs of The Little Rascals. It was fun to watch a few episodes. Espeically the one with Miss Crabbapple.