Thursday, October 20, 2011

Christmas on Thursday

Yeah, let's start this now.

I'm pretty well stocked for the craft fair (December 3?) I've got a couple dozen monster coin purses, including 13 I made this month that still need eyes. I've got Santa Hat purses, too. And who knows what else in the box. Aprons at least. I've decided though, that after the interest in the quilts I had hanging last year, that I'll make some real quilts to sell as well. Grown up patterns in baby sized quilts. I've personally always preferred that look over the pastels and cartoony animals of "baby" quilts. So here's the first. Still just a top, but it's small enough I can handle the quilting here on my own machine. I'm working on #2 today, with plans in my head for at least 2 or 3 more. They're all scrap things, with leftovers from aprons, clothes, and other quilts, and a big contribution from the tote of fabric I got from Marilyn a few years ago. (Hi Marilyn!) Maybe I'll get close enough to the bottom that I can empty it and give it back to her!

Have I posted a picture of the quilt for Simon this year? I think so (update, nope, not a finished one.) but so here's a new one. This is his Welcome to "Adulthood" present, though unlike my nieces and nephews, he'll keep getting Christmas gifts from me. Of course!

So, this week - I'll keep working on those crib quilts, and maybe work out a pricing schedule for other sizes. We'll see...

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