Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas on Thursday

Not so much to share, but it's all Craft Fair related.  


I picked these up at Michael's on Sunday, so there's no excuse not to get those monster purses done.  They'll be ready to show off next week.  I promise.

And I've finished as many crib sized tops as I'm going to get done.  This last blue one seriously tried my patience, and I ended up making more blocks than I needed.  Deep sigh.  Now to get them quilted.  I'm moving on to a larger, throw size next, I'll try and get at least a couple done.  I'm thinking that a 50"x60" size is nice for the couch.  Right?  First up will be a scrappy (duh!) Ohio Star type quilt, and then I think maybe a Shoo Fly/Snowball combo.   I've done it before and it looks like more work than it is. ;o) 

And finally, this is the "bonus" quilt I'll be offering for sale as well.  I made it for a raffle and ended up buying it back when no one outbid my ridiculously low number.  If I make that back, I'm happy.

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