Monday, November 07, 2011


It's been a while since that Next Four list has seen any attention. I mean, ferpetesake, the #1 item is a quilt for a raffle that was over in March! So, let's see...

#1 Monster Purses, etc for Craft Fair and #2 Quilts for the Craft Fair. This is kinda/sorta the same thing, but not really. The After School Enrichment Program Craft Fair is December 3. Since I have plenty of stuff left over from last year, all I really need to do is finish up the eyes on the extra monster purses I made, and see if there are any other gaps to fill. This one will be quick. The quilts, not so much, but I think they'll be worth the extra time. I am working on a 6th baby quilt top, and will move on to some larger (throw/lap sized? How big is that?) I have already had some interest in these baby quilts that don't look "baby" and I suspect that those to whom they appeal (not-right-out-highschool moms, grandmas etc) will be willing to pay a little more than they would for a Disney Princess or SpongeBob Walmart "quilt." That's the hope, anyway. A friend who is a grandmother-to-be has already asked me to recreate one of them in a larger size.

That would take us to #3 Commission twin size for Laura. Baby's due in March, so it will wait until after Christmas, though I have already started cutting some scraps into useable sizes.  She likes the Little Cedar Trees pattern (the light/dark HST 4 patch) but wants a bigger quilt so it can last beyond babyhood.  She also wants some black in there, either as an inner frame or as an outer border.  No sure yet, so I'll get some blocks done, work up a couple of options, and let her choose.

And finally, #4 Raffle Quilt for Talent Show. I have no idea. At all.  But since this isn't due for a bunch of months yet, I'm not going to worry about it now.

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