Thursday, November 03, 2011


It's Thursday.  It's late Thursday, but not Friday yet. so here goes.  Christmas!

I've now got FOUR! baby sized quilt tops ready to layer and quilt for the craft fair

This one is pretty simple, and looks better in person than in the photo.  The sashing is a yello and white wavy stripe, with white cornerstones.
 The next is a copy of  the big quilt I did last year as a fundraiser for my friend's daughter with Leukemia.  And the last (of this bunch) is just Boxed Squares.  Easy peasy, it'll look better with quilting too.

I have another (#5) almost done, so that's for next week, and digging through my fabric I found a completed Bento Box quilt I'd done for a silent auction a few years ago (and bought back rather than see it sell for $15)  So that's six.  I'll see about getting a few larger ones too, but no promises.

Having posted a couple pictures on Facebook. someone has already commissioned a twin sized version of the Little Cedar Trees (the half square triangle one) from last week.  Woohoo!  And she doesn't want it until March!

The monster coin purses are still eyeless.   That's it for this week.

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dee said...

Love the barn raising one especially