Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year! Month! Week! Day!

Let's call today what it is.  A fresh start.  And with that, let's go.
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I have been feeling, um, *something* for a while now.  And while I don't consider myself psychic by any stretch of anyone's imagination, I believe we all have some degree of sense when something's coming.  I haven't had this feeling of impending change since the months leading up to January 2002, which turned out to be a very, very bad time for me.  But since before Halloween, and more so as the holidays approached, the normal keyed up emotion of the holidays built the other up to something I could not ignore.  You know, though, it's really hard to prepare for something when you don't know what it is you need to prepare for.  But anyway, 'nuff of that.

I will revisit last year's resolutions at some point this week, and set some new ones.  Tomorrow I'll lay out my new Word of the Year.  I'll show off some of the Christmas-y things I made, or not.  And I'm going to try to come up with a new Two Minute Tuesday story.  We'll see.  But for today, it's Sunday.  So...

Weekend Update

This Week

Dinner Menu - January 1-14

Sunday - deli, leftover NYE nibbles
Monday - Tomato Soup, grilled cheese
Tuesday - Quiche & hashbrowns, salad
Wednesday - mac & beef
Thursday - Prime Rib, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans
Friday - pizza
Saturday - Pancakes and bacon, fruit
Sunday - French Dip sandwiches, steak fries, coleslaw
Monday - Turkey Noodle Soup, No-Knead Bread
Tuesday - Fried Rice, Siu Bao
Wednesday - Spaghetti & garlic knots
Thursday - Beef Stew
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Burgers, fries
Grocery List for above:
green beans
hamburger buns

Sew every day
20 more blocks for Laura's quilt

Monday - Last day of vacation
Tuesday - p/u contacts at optometrist
Wednesday - Sub Foley A.M.


Deb said...

Dorothy, I am sure it was just a Freudian slip that your January of 2012, was 2002. Perhaps your impending change has something to do with the Mayan Calendar. That is all I seem to rad about. I do enjoy your blog and your quilts. Hope this will be a great year for you.

dee said...

Happy New Year Dorothy. Hope you have a healthy, productive New Year. I look forward to your stories and your menu lists. I get more ideas from them than I care to say. I made prime rib for Christmas dinner. It was my first time doing it since Roger used to be the chef for that meal. So happy not to have screwed up $80 worth of meat!!

Jeri said...

Glad to see you back! I missed reading your blog. I know you probably won't believe it but you're an inspiration to me. :o)