Saturday, September 09, 2017

Saturday with Rhoda's Quilt

I got my chores done (kitchen, vacuuming, mopping, laundry, recycling, blah) and rewarded myself with a quick trip to HOPE, which will always be ACCAG to me.  Lovely seaglass necklace, Pampered Chef apple peeler-slicer-spiralizer thing, Y peeler, and a CorningWare P type handle all for $7 and tax.  A&W for a late lunch, then Happy Valley for cider donuts!  Yay!

I made myself take Rt 7 through New Haven both there and back to put the accident behind me for good.  I think the sage and fire last weekend really did do it, but a red motorcycle passing me in almost the same spot made my heart race for a second, but then it passed.  On the way home, I was already a mile or two beyond the spot before I realized I hadn't even noticed.  So, good.

It's rained for several days straight, so no yard work to speak of.  It's too wet.  Instead, I got the boys set up to fend for themselves for supper and headed up to work on Rhoda's quilt.

I sewed for about an hour, flipped it over to make sure there weren't any huge pucker-y messes or thread nests and NO!  Woot! (as the kids say.)😉

I really like the freehand center.  It's appliqued, and a little stiff, I'm going to guess WonderUnder but it might soften a little with washing.   It's certainly not something I'd have made, but it's fun to work on.
There only remains a single 6ish inch solid border, then trimming and binding.  I will check my stash for something that'll work to bind it, otherwise I'll grab something when I go into town for groceries tomorrow.  The colours below aren't quite accurate, at least not on my screen.  Gold and crimson and the purple is quite rich - more like aubergine than plum.  Everything need a little warm up from the pic.  Can't imagine I don't have something though - these are my colours.

But before that I really ought to figure out what's going in that purple space.  Hmmm.

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