Sunday, May 13, 2018

Weekend Update

Now here's a picture for Mother's Day!  The Mom that made me, and the daughter that made me Mama.  πŸ’•

I was out of coffee this week, or thought I was, and drank a lot of mediocre Keurig stuff.  Yesterday when I cleaned the kitchen, I found a bag of Speeder's and a bag of VCC dark roast.  They're both ground, fine, but they work well enough in the french press that I can upgrade my coffee game for a few more days.

I'm working every day this week, mornings at the elementary school inventorying the library, and afternoons at the high school doing dinner.  There's only a half day on Wednesday, so I'll have most of Tuesday afternoon off.  I think I'll push groceries off until then.  Today, I think I'll go out to the garden center and spend the gift card Tori gave me (she's so smart!)  And maybe do some baking (oven willing)  Tuesdays were always Cookie Tuesday when I volunteered regularly at VUES.  Since I'm going to be there this week...  and I want a pie.

No real progress yet on the job front - I have applied for a position at CSAC (employment support for challenged adults) and another at the Basin Harbor Club (HR assistant.)  I am, on paper, wholly unqualified for this one, but was recommended by a friend, who said the job mostly entails telling seasonal employees to suck it up 😏 and filing.  That I can do.  We'll see! It's an 8 month gig - 40 hours/wk March-October but there's plenty of seasonal work around here that I night be able to stretch.

The neighbors are having a baby.  Thursday.  I think I want to make her a quilt, we'll see how this week works out, time wise.  But for now.  Garden center, groceries, garden.

Monday - Friday VUES inventory
Wed - Lillian's back 😊

13 Grilled Chicken Breast
14 grilled cheese
15 fajitas
16 Mac & Cheese
17 meatloaf
18 pizza
19 burgers
20 pork roast
21 grilled cheese
22 tacos
23 spaghetti & meatballs
24 pancakes
25 pizza
26 nachos
27 Roast chicken
28 hot dogs, potato salad
29 grilled cheese
30 sausage fusilli
31 fried rice

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