Friday, September 15, 2006


As if yesterday wasn't enough, someone stole Simon's bike. Right out of the bike rack at school. Un-freaking believeable. The bike? Brand new. He got it Wednesday. It's the first bike that didn't come from Walmart or Kmart - it wasn't a specialty bike shop bike either, a Toyota rather than a Hyundai or a Cadillac, but it was the best bike he's ever had, and the check hasn't even cleared the bank.

Damn it damn it damn it.

I'll call the insurance today to see if our deductible applies to theft (our police chief said he thought it might not) and we'll slap up some posters. This is a small town - the dim bunny that took it will probably ride it back to school today. If I see him, I've already confessed to the chief my instinct will be to punch him and steal the bike back. He thought that sounded perfectly reasonable, but asked that I make sure and call him afterwards.

In the meantime, though, it's the weekend, and Simon's a pedestrian again. Damn it, damn it damn it.

We found the bike. It's been spray painted black, but the stupid kid forgot to spray paint over the serial number.

This is a small town, and everyone knows everyone's business. You can't do anything here without either doing it to someone you know, or having someone who knows both of you see it happen. Good for me, bad for stupid bike thief. His mother is mortified (of course!) since I see her all the time (she works across the road) and she sat next to me at just about every basketball game last year - her youngest son was on Simon's basketball team! The cop who I sent over to retrieve the bike is going to pick up stupid son and his idiot friend at school this afternoon and tell them how lucky they are I decided not to press charges (between you me and the fence, nothing would have stuck anyway - the kids are 15.) Mom, cop and I talked about it, and since the brand new bike is trashed, Dumb and Dumber are paying for a new bike. I'll see if I can clean up the "old" one and will donate it to a good kid at the shelter or something. Making them pay is more than the courts would have done.


Annie said...

Oh Dorothy,so sorry about the bike theft.
Boy, I'd be saying damn it all over the place too,and a few more less mentionable phrases also.

: )

QuiltingFitzy said...

Give Simon a hug!

I guess he gets to swallow pill that just everyone isn't "nice".

Hope the insurance comes thru for you, and I LOVED the police comment, lol.

Karen said...

That is so sad.The boys bikes got stolen 2 weeks after we moved here.Nice mountain bikes and even tho we had registered them with the police in the old town with the serial nos. they were never recovered.Being a small place I bet you find that brat5.No doubt he'll be bragging about it.Use a Visa card next time which I think might cover the loss???

Dianne said...

Well, what CREEP would do something like that? Poor's a hard lesson to learn that you just can't trust people, isn't it?

I hope the insurance company will come through...

Pigley said...

My bike got stolen when I was a kid. I knew who took it, too. My mom wouldn't do ANYTHING about it. I was so mad. What was an eight year old to do?
Wish you were there to punch him.

Suze said... sorry...
Some credit cards have a program where if you buy the item via their card and it gets stolen in the first year, they replace might want to check on that if you have to replace the bike...
Good luck on finding it... and give the dimwit an extra punch from us!

Vicky aka stichr said...


Jules said...

I think making the kids pay for the bike is a really good idea. Hopefully their parents make the boys pay for the bike and don't do it for them.

Good luck on the fundraiser. Having been a PTA treasurer for a few years, I know the work it will take. Here's to no bounced checks!

Zazzu said...

Well, it's sorta a happy ending.

Seriously, every kid I knew growing up who owned a bike had one stolen. Of course, I grew up in Sacramento where there's a whole lot of crime...but still. I guess bike locks just don't work.

Good idea about donating the old bike :)

Dianne said...

It's great the bike was found, the kids who stole it identified and made to pay. So when does Simon get his new bike?

Really, who needs this kind of S&%T, anyway?!

debraspincic said...

Totally rotten about Simon's bike but thanks for following through and letting everyone know that you don't take that kind of S**t from kids. I, too, hope the kids pay for their lack of judgment and don't have parents who bail them out.