Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Every time!

Every time I tried to get on the computer to post a picture, someone else was on uploading or downloading or something else time consuming. I gave up in frustration. So today, the picture I intended to post yesterday of Daniel a few years ago on his very first Thanksgiving (American, I think.) This was back when he still ate, but not turkey yet. Now, he has no interest in anything beyond a jelly sandwich.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in Canada, and being Canadian, we always seize the opportunity to enjoy one extra turkey holiday. Of course! So I spent the day in the kitchen, happily, and we all (except lover boy there) ate too much. As it should be. *burp*

Oh, and a fall picture... Panton Road, on the way home from TaeKwanDo. Most of the farmers have most of their crops off. Some find this season so depressing, forecasting a long cold winter. Not me, I love seeing that another hot season is over, the barns and silos and cribs are filling up with stores for the winter. Makes me wanna make sure our own stores are filled.


Anonymous said...

When we lived in Ohio (I was a kid) we'd "put up" preserves etc. for the winter. I remember every fall my grandmother made maple syrup. Just about this time of year the kitchen would be stocked with gallon cans of sap, waiting for the first snow. She timed maple-syrup making with the first snow so that she could scoop up snow to test the doneness of the syrup. I still remember that when I see the leaves turn. Funny--today's her birthday.

Dorothy said...

So did she can the sap in the spring? I'm confused, maple sap runs in late February and early March. And THAT's another series of pictures! Here's a link for ya if you're craving some real maple syrup, by the way - Dakin Fam is just up the road and has a scrumptious pancake breakfast every year to celebrate the new crop. mmmm... pancakes!