Sunday, November 26, 2006

Done, done, and not done

I just stitched the last of the binding down on mom's Christmas present. My camera's in the van, I'll share a picture tomorrow. Here IS a picture, though. Our new bed was delivered on Wednesday. Pretty, huh? The bedding kind of sucks, but it's what was clean and in the cupboard. It's very HIGH though, holy moly! I think I need to start looking for not only new bedding and nightstands, but for a cute little step, too!

But not done? The string quilt that's meant to go on this bed. Boo.


Vicky aka stichr said...

love the bed!!!! i can picture a wide/long step along side it in the same blond wood with your slippers sitting there.

France said...

Our old queen bed was ridiculously high much so that it covered up most of the headboard! So when we bought our new king bed this year, we opted for a "low-profile" box spring. What a difference!