Sunday, November 19, 2006

Missing (in action)

Oooh, I've been busy! Let's see, last post was... Thursday. Since then, I've covered a lot of road, done a lot of wheel spinning, and even, heh, accomplished a few things.

Thursday night, my Taekwondo-boy got his green belt, yeah Simon!

Friday morning - spent a half hour making and distributing copies of grant applications to be perused (and paid) next Tuesday. (I LOVE that part of the PTO), then preschool, haircut, various running around. I did manage to quilt about 1/2 of a second panel of my strings quilt but had to put it aside when the bobbin ran out and I realized I didn't have time to fill another one, let alone finish the quilting. I'm getting very comfortable with the all-over scribble but did learn one valuable life lesson. If you aren't happy with the tension, don't go on anyway and assume it'll look better when you finish. It won't. And 1/2 hour of frog stitching is NOTHING.

Saturday garbage recycling chores, then picked up a yummy scone on the way home. Chased the vacuum around the house, did some laundry, spent FOUR HOURS taking out all the quilting I did Friday. Redid about half, then finished it this morning. Much better. Went out for breakfast, then the drug store, and Joann's. Gas, grocery store, car wash, home.

With the quilting of panel #2 done, I began mom's Christmas gift. It's a no-brainer, cut the backgrounds and fuse. The stained glass is Kona black layered with Steam-a-Seam and then laser cut, so all the edges are sharp and the glue is built in. The hardest part was deciding which colour went where. Tomorrow I'll layer and back it and then stitch through all layers to secure the "leading" and quilt it at the same time. I'll layer up another string panel as well, and maybe start that quilting too. Or that's the plan, anyway.


Jules said...

So, the wall hanging you are making for your mom came with the black part already made? My mom would love this Nativity, too, but I didn't want to have to transfer that pattern,

Dorothy said...

The black comes pre-cut, with the fusible already on. All you have to do it add the background. Couldn't be easier!

dee said...

wow Dorothy this is so cool-really nice.

Rian said...

Argggh, four hours of quilt-stitch removal. I don't envy you that.

Karen said...

Awesome batiks placed there!! Love the jewely effect!