Saturday, November 11, 2006

Once again, cue angel chorus!

The runner is done! It's dancing around in the washer right now, I'll block it and let it dry flat overnight, and then, woohoo! I get paid for it!

I've adjusted my sidebar list again, and so, think it's time to ponder the next Next Four. #1 is the strings, then... dunno. I'll let it sit unchanged for tonight, I'm enjoying that little flash of red right now.


Rian said...

I knew you had it in ya.

karen said...

Fantastic quilting and it's a done deal and you get the green!!!Just in time for holiday spending, lol.

Got some real ugly slide ons at walmart last nite, Dr Scholls , silver and yellow.They are comfortable as can be and must have tried on every slide on in the place til found these on the clearance rack.Cool.