Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Whew, busy one today

I just checked my calendar and today's a busy, busy day. Preschool, dentist, taekwondo... will I have time to sew? Dunno. Yesterday's plans were just that, plans.

I did get some cards done, but ran out of pre-cut backs so I stalled there. I did get a few layered including one that I'll deliver this morning to one of the preschool moms who subbed for me last week. The snowmen and tractor cards need the satin stitching done, and Santa needs some sequin snowflakes glued on, but other than that they're good to go.

I got another section of the string quilt layered, but not quilted. My machine's doing a weird loss-of-power thing when it gets over-hot (I think) I'll get it serviced but probably not until after the holidays.


Rian said...

It's amazing how when the calendar starts creeping toward December life gets frenetic. There's just so much to do and this tiny 3-week window in which to get it done. Good luck. I'm right there with ya.

Pigley said...

helllloooooo...can we get an update?