Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fah-who foraze! Dah-who Doraze!

Welcome to Christmas! Come this way.

Yes, I know one string of lights is out, who knew the strings had fuses in them? And more importantly, who knew that the hardware store closed at 4 on Sundays? I'll pick up another tomorrow, and maybe some little lights for the 3 mini trees you can hardly see in the dark there.

Unlike the REAL presents I used inside the mudroom (you can see them through the window, above the quilt), the red wrapped boxes on the step are empty. The last time I did this type of decorations, we lived in Waterloo, and 3 separate times in one year, someone stole them. They're pretty boxes, but geeze, I'm not THAT dumb. How disappointed must the thief have been to open them and find nothing? And how stupid to do it again? And AGAIN?!

No one will take these, though. We have only one other neighbour on our road and they'd never even think of it. Anyone else who wanders down here is either delivering, installing, repairing, or hauling something away. Or lookie-loos with New York or New Hampshire plates, who for some reason drive down v-e-r-y slowly, then peel back out the lane like they're being chased by the Hounds of the Baskervilles. Can't imagine they'd slow down enough to swipe an empty box.


dee said...

Sorry you saw my NY license plate and we were dissapointed to find nothing inside the boxes. Thought we had a haul there. Oh well shiny paper....pretty..crinkly...shiny. We peeled out cause we were late getting back to the Home before lockdown.

Jules said...

I love the presents outside. I wonder if they would disappear here. Probably not on this street, but on one of the main roads they would.

The fuses in the lights are new to me, too. All the strands I bought this year came with fuses in the little bag with the blinker bulbs.

Just being nosey, but why is there a big 2 on your door?

Debra Spincic said...

Since I have decided to be on the Home Tour next year, I am planning to wrap lots of empty boxes for under trees. (but with paper from the dollar store--cheap.)

Dorothy said...

The giant 2 is a "Hey Idiot" signal to the UPS/FedEx/DHL guys who insist on leaving our stuff at the neighbours', and their stuff here. There are only two houses on this road, we've both been here more than 6 years, and still they get it wrong, even with the signs we've both put up. Subtle, apparently, doesn't work.

Pigley said...

I think it would be great if one of your readers on a busy street did the same thing, and shared the video cam with us.

Dorothy said...

Ooh, that WOULD be cool! I'll bet that I could ask Santa for a remote webcam for Christmas (to prove that is TOO a partridge!) and I'd get it. Scott loves that kind of stuff. Actually, I find it a little too creepy. Ne'er mind. ;o)

Jeri said...

so pretty!! (and I totally get the grinch music...) the on-the-spot gifties are a great idea!

can't believe someone would steal the boxes!!! good grief. "yeah, I put the Ipod and the Xbox on the porch to confuse the kids...." sheeesh.

Karen said...

I keep imagining their faces when they open those lovely empty boxes,or what if they have given it to someone.....even worse!

Christine said...

You could wrap up bricks or cement blocks. Those might give a thief a pause when he/she tried to lift one.
Christine on an island in the California Delta

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