Sunday, December 10, 2006

Please don't let them be forgotten

In all the worrying about silly things that we do so well at this time of year, please do not let the people of Darfur be forgotten.

"We cannot stand idly by as the Sudanese government continues its systematic destruction of the people of Darfur. We are compelled by the conscience of the world to put an end to this humanitarian disaster and restore dignity and hope to the Darfuri. If we do not, we betray our commitment as the protector of human rights, and risk compromising the very nature of our own conscience." ~ Nancy Pelosi

This will break your heart.

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dee said...

Unbelievably moving and very kind of you to post this. So many people don't know about Darfur and are horrified to hear about it or see anything on it in the media. It's a tragedy and a shame. We have so much and all these people want to do is simply live. Not a lot to ask from life. It makes everything I bitch about daily fade into nothingness. Perspective...