Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Twelve Days of Christmas.

(<-Old Photo, wild pear tree in my yard)

The Twelve Days of Christmas. Dec 25 to Jan 6, right? But isn't that 13 days? Or do you not count Dec 25? In any case, if the twelve days don't actually start until Dec 25, why oh why were there (really!) partridges in my pear tree this morning? (well, technically under it, but still.) And where is the battery for my camera? How will anyone actually believe me without photo documentation? If I was to take a picture now, would anyone buy that the fat grey squirrels who are now in the pear tree are just chair fillers, like at the Emmys? Cute as they are, squirrels are not partridges. Maybe if I sit patiently all day (after finding the battery, finishing the laundry, running to the post office, getting groceries, chasing the vacuum around the house and assembling a meatloaf for dinner) the dear partridges will come back. I hope if they do, that it's David Cassidy and Susan Dey, not Danny Bonaduce. That guy scares me.

And just so I know what to watch for in the next few days, what's a Coly Bird?


dee said...

what a fun thing it is to read your blog everyday! You funny lady!!After you finish that list of things you can close your eyes and dream of the partridges(not the Bonaduce kind-he's a freak)in the pear treezzzzzzzz I fell asleep just reading your list-what are you taking?? can I have some?????

Debra Spincic said...

It's Calling Birds--Like, Hey, you, come here and give me a drink!

(You know, like, parrots. . .*wink*)

Dorothy said...

Calling Birds? So, I should be on the lookout for Bristish barmaids? ;o)