Friday, December 15, 2006

You say you want a resolution...

Well, we all want to change the world. I do anyway, but I'll start with my own little square foot, the boundaries of which I generously overhang. It's time for some resolve. "Wait!" you're all screaming (I can hear you) "It's barely the middle of December, and there are cookies, and cocktails and scrumpious nibbles that it's illegal to even THINK about the rest of the year! And NEW YEAR'S EVE!!"

Yeah, get over it and put down the exclamation pointer, you're gonna poke someone's eye out. I have some power noshing left to do too, don't worry. I'm just all about the countdown to success. I need a plan, and I have 2 weeks now, to get that plan in place. Maybe even do a little practicing. Or not.

First a little retrospection. From last January:

#1 I WILL lose weight. Okay, I did lose some. Some of them found their way back.
#2 Spend less, pay off those damn cards, build up a $1000 rainy day fund. No, yes, kinda.
#3 Stashbusting, fabric shopping moratorium. I bought nothing but a little backing, some thread, and needles. Oh, and that disasterous adventure with the rotary mat. Don't talk to me about yarn.
#4 Wear earrings. Most days, I do now! Hurray!
#5 Control computer time We shall never speak of this again. Agreed?

And for this year? Second verse, same as the first. I think

#1 I WILL lose weight. This year, I'm proclaiming the magic number to be 56 pounds. "OMG," you're screaming again, "you'll waste away to a mere sylph! A wisp! We'll be able to see right through you!" Not to worry, you're going to have to trust me on this one.
#2 Spend less, build up a $1000 rainy day fund. Scott and the accountant will be pleased. Governor Douglas and the tax department less so. I just hope it doesn't rain ALL summer again, like it did last year.
#3 Stashbusting, fabric shopping moratorium. More of the same. I bought that fabric because I liked it once upon a time. Before it all turns into the Harvest Gold and Avocado appliances or worse, the Dusty Rose and Colonial Blue bathroom accessories, I gotta get this stuff INTO something.

I'll come up with two more in the next few weeks. In the meantime it appears that what I really need to work on is restraint. Hmm. Maybe I'll have a couple of cookies and think about that for a while.


Jane Ann said...

VERY interesting post, kiddo. I've been reading others' goals or resolutions for the new year, and I just have no desire to join in. (Maybe that should be my resolution--to care about goals.)

Debra Spincic said...

I have successfully walked the dogs every day this week so I feel like I am bouncing back some. . .

I am going to be really ready when January comes to get back in shape and stay there. I think having the Quilter's Lounge will be good. It did help last year.

Anonymous said...

What a *giggle* *ripsnort* post! Thanks for the laughs (not ABOUT your goals, just your way with words).

Sheila in Ohio

Dorothy said...

Or Jane, maybe you're just perfect the way you are. Don't mess with success, honey, you've nailed it.

Anonymous said...

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