Saturday, March 24, 2007

A meme, by me(me)

As I was vacuuming and mopping and scrubbing and dusting this morning (it is Saturday after all) I found myslef wondering what about my life/home/whatever would be different if I had different neighbours. And so, for your enjoyment (or derision) my very first ever Created by Me meme.

List 5 facts of life
If Martha Lived Next Door...

1. My mudroom would probably have less mud, more room. You know, just in case.

2. The selection of produce at our local grocery store would improve, greatly ('cause it can't get any worse)

3. I would still hang my laundry outside to dry, but I'd make sure that the quilts were visible from at least one of her windows. Martha's a busy woman who has no time to create her own quilts, but I'm sure she'd love to and she appreciates handwork. She'd come over to get a closer look with an armload of fresh asparagus and freesia, because that's what good neighbours do (and well, because she's Martha!)

4. They'd fix the damn sidewalk out front, and they'd stop tearing up the grass when they plow.

5. I'd have her over for buttertarts and tea, and we'd dish. About everyone. Especially Donald.

Okay, now three tags. Let's see... Dee, Michelle, and Fitzy. You're it!


Pigley said...

I have four other apartments on my floor. The neighbors I want are: a masseuse, a chiropractor, a bartender and Amy Sedaris.

Vicky aka stichr said...

Oh Dorothy, I am so glad you didn't pick me for this, tho I would love to diss Martha. What could she do with Meth Manor Estates?

Zazzu said...

I wouldn't mind if Martha Stewart was my neighbor, as long as she left me alone.

To me, the best neighbors are the ones you rarely see and never hear. But you know they'd call 911 for you if necessary.

Neighbors are like co-workers. You don't get to pick them, so if you can even tolerate them you're ahead of the game.