Sunday, July 08, 2007

October? In July?

It's been wonderfully cool and drizzly here the past day or so. Have I spent the time constructively, cleaning, cooking, primping and polishing my little heart out? Of course not! Ha Ha!

Actually, I've got 6 blocks done for Bevin's quilt (hate it so far, par for the course) but I'm going to wait a bit to do more. Teresa's sending some batiks to jazz up my limited selection, they should be here Tuesday or Wednesday I think. On a finishing note, I've attached the binding to Crazy. I'll bring that along to the band concert tomorrow night and maybe get it done. It's small. That is if there IS a band concert. They were rained out last week, and the forecast doesn't look promising. Boo. :o(

I've been itching to do some knitting with this cool weather, but haven't picked up the needles yet. Maybe this week - I have some more scarves to do for the little nieces for Christmas, I need to look through my Stitch-a-Day to find something that'll look good with variegated yarn, since that's what I've got. Of course, as soon as I do, it'll get hot again.

Pictures soon, I promise. Bevin's quilt needs more blocks before I'll begin to like it, and the scarf? Well I guess I'd have to start that.


Teresa said...

I bet you get the batiks today, I think I mailed them on Friday. I am surprised you didn't get them on Saturday. Our little post office is the best at getting things out.

Dorothy said...

Yeah!! Our little post office is pretty good at getting things delivered :o) it's just that wide expanse of everything else between them. I hope they come today. Ooo, excited!