Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Well would you look at that?

What do Spamantha and I have in common? Well, not much, she's young and hip and I'm well, not and not. But we are both celebrating our anniversaries today. I've got a few more years' practice at it than she does but hey, what's 4751 days?

Happy anniversary Sam and spouse, from me and mine. And happy birthday, too, Harry Potter


PeeWee said...

Happy Anniversary!!
This is SUPER WEIRD!!! I followed your link to Samantha's blog (because you know my real name is Samantha), and I read a couple of entries, and recognize Dinger, the Colorado Rockies mascot, and think, hmmmmm...Samantha must live in Denver, which is where I grew up.
So I am looking at her pictures, and notice she has knitted "Lizard Ridge" squares. You know our good friend Laura came up with that pattern, right?
Still looking around, scroll down to her July 11th entry AND OHMIGOD!! I was at that guild meeting with my pal Heather! I saw that quilt!! She is the girl with the seatbelt handbag!!
How small of a world is this??
I have to go tell Laura and Heather!

Samantha said...

Happy anniversary, Dorothy! Clearly, we share excellent taste ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!


Christine Thresh said...

Congratulations Dorothy.

Robert and I celebrated our 43rd anniversary on the 26th of July. I posted a picture on my blog on that day. We were almost as cute as Samantha and her hubby. I've never seen a picture of you and yours.