Wednesday, August 01, 2007


These babies aren't going to go far (or last long) around here but the canes are loaded and soon, sooon, I'll be sick of raspberries. Never! Not much beats a handful of fresh berries, still warm from the sun.

I was looking at another blog, somewhere in my surf travels this weekend, and the writer opined that it's hard to take a bad picture of strawberries. I think the same might hold true for raspberries. Don't they look yummy? They were.


Annie said...

They certainly do look yummy! Those are my favorite berry,if you do get sick of them send them over to me in Me.

: )

Rian said...

Love raspberries. Love all berries. Nothing says summer like fresh-picked berries.

Tanya Brown said...

Thanks to you, there's now an untidy trail of drool down the front of my shirt.