Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vergennes Day

Mostly pictures.

The day started (well after laundry and trash) with pancakes at the firehall. I realized after looking at the one of Simon, that our Governor Jim Douglas was sitting at the table behind us, talking to our local State Representative and former Mayor Kitty Oxholm. The woman looking at him like he's full of shit is his wife. ;o) Tori thought taking pictures of people eating breakfast was stupid.

After breakfast we rolled out to watch to watch those more ambitious than we cross the finish line of the Little City 5K. By 9:30 it was already about 85ยบ with 90% humidity. Thanks, I'm happier watching. The kid in the orange shorts is my friend Kathy's 12 year old son Nate. He came in 2nd in the 12 and under class.
Cute boyfriend was feeling a little peckish by about 10. Time for Rainbow Ice, perhaps the last of the season.

After some strolling and shopping at the green it was time for more food. (Profoun Salsa, BTW, is a local. They began one year with way too many tomatoes in their garden, and now ship across the country from their plant in Fairfax. AWESOME stuff, my fav is the Sweet and Sassy.) Vergennes' city motto really ought to be "Can I take your order?" This is a tiny town of about 2500 with any kind of food you could want. Seriously, people come here to eat.
The Lion's Club throws a terrific chicken barbeque every year. Sure they set one of the trees on fire at the green a few years ago, but...
None of these people knew I was taking their picture. I only know a couple of them, so, what the heck. Hi Nancy! :o)

Finally, a ride through town in a horse drawn wagon. It was, uh, cozy, notice the sweaty heads. Drop the temp about 60 degrees and it would have been perfect for Christmas Carolling. Wandered home after that, rolled into bed early, and crossed one more end-of-summer event off the calendar.


QuiltingFitzy said...

Adjusting to new-to-me seasons is hard on my brain. School started here in the desert on August 13, and we're still in summer. I remember trying to dress for the first day of school in new duds, and having Indian Summer. Not cool.

Vicky aka stichr said...

The salsa sounds yummo...may just have to order some of it! Thanks for sharing your town...and Tori is right, pictures of people eating are dumb...but funny.