Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend Update

Uhhhh. I got nuthin'.

The grading is done for the patio, that's the biggest part of that job done. We're trenching to bury pipes to carry the downspout water away down the hill into the woods, so that continues. I think I'm going to order the stone and dust for delivery next Friday. Ack! Gonna rent a compactor too, that should be interesting, maybe I can shake a few pounds off.

I neither knit nor sewed this week. Friday was *supposed* to rain, all day and I was going to sew. Instead it just got humider and humider. Gross. Too hot to even consider picking up the wool or plugging in the iron. Or lifting a shovel, for that matter.

A few other milestones, though, this week. The band's final Monday Night Concert is past. It was almost dark by 8:15. The Christian Reformed Church offered pie and ice cream (I had cherry) and coffee. What a nice way to end the season.

Friday the pool closed for the summer without us. We went Thursday though. And Saturday was Vergennes Day. This year was the 26th anniversary, though the City's been here officially since 1788. I guess before 1981 the Saturday before the Labour Day weekend was just another day. They didn't know what they were missing. ;o)

This week school starts. Maybe then I can find some time to knit. Or sew. Or clean my house.

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